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The Vigorous Defense Necessary To Fight The Most Serious Charges

Murder is considered by most as one of the worst crimes one can commit. Consequently, and understandably, the penalties for taking a life are severe. When you face manslaughter charges, when your entire future hangs in the balance, you deserve clear thinking and aggressive representation aimed at achieving what is seemingly impossible.

At Monzón, Guerra & Chipman in Lincoln, Nebraska, we defend clients who have been charged with homicide/murder by conducting meticulous research, employing experts and building a strong defense.

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Employing Experts

Serious charges involving violent crimes require an equally serious, invasive approach to discovery. Our Lincoln criminal defense lawyers know that the best defensive strategy comes with having the best legal team. Thus, we employ a variety of legal experts to help us investigate, analyze and build a solid case for homicide/murder defense.

The experts we hire include:

  • Doctors
  • Forensic investigators
  • Psychologists

The experts we use are among the nation’s most respected professionals. We visit crime scenes related to a homicide/murder charge with our experts. This not only gives us insight into the conditions surrounding the charge, but also helps us gain credibility in court as we can describe crime scenes accurately without the need for corrections from law enforcement.

Experience In High-Stakes Defense Cases

Our attorneys consider every avenue of possibility, thoroughly exploring every component of the case. In court, we are dedicated to providing our clients with representation aimed at achieving the best possible results under the circumstances. We make no assumptions about our clients, and we give them the respect and representation they deserve.

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