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At Monzón, Guerra & Chipman, Attorneys At Law, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable Lincoln lawyers has represented hundreds of individuals with legal matters related to immigration law and criminal defense. We have created this page of frequently asked questions with the purpose of helping our clients be better informed about their options and rights. We hope this information proves to be beneficial to your situation.

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What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor? The traditional definition of a felony is a crime that is punishable by a year or more in jail. A misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable by imprisonment of less than one year. Felonies are more serious crimes than misdemeanors, but both require the attention of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Isn’t pleading guilty my best and only option?

Many accused individuals believe that pleading guilty is the only option available. We strongly discourage you from pleading guilty without first seeking the help of our law firm. We can look at the charges against you to identify the strongest defense strategy available. With our help, you could avoid the harsh penalties that come with criminal charges. Various options are available to you, and we will ensure that you understand them all.

Why should I hire an immigration attorney?

The immigration process can be stressful and confusing, commonly complicated by three government agencies. Many people turn to the web for information, but everybody’s situation is unique, and many times, advice given on the internet is wrong or the forms downloaded or sent are incomplete. Even if they are successful in retrieving adequate advice, their lack of experience could lead to mistakes that could have disastrous effects that may not be fixable.

It is important to remember that everyone’s case is different and looked at individually. Immigration laws, regulations and procedures are complex and constantly changing. It is often difficult to select and complete the correct forms and file them with all the required supporting documents at the proper Department of Homeland Security (DHS) office. Our immigration attorneys have the training, tools, experience and continuing education to keep up to speed on the latest changes in immigration laws, regulations and procedures.

How much will hiring an immigration attorney cost?

Fees are calculated on an individual basis and depend on the particular type of benefit or visa that you are seeking, the complexity of the case and the number of hours that will be dedicated to your immigration matter.

Why should I hire your law firm to handle my case?

Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined legal experience, including solid trial experience. In fact, we were named on the Top 100 Trial Lawyers list by the American Trial Lawyers Association. Our firm’s founder, attorney Carlos A. Monzón, has handled hundreds of federal criminal defense cases. As our client, you can feel confident knowing that your case is in the hands of a skilled and reputable law firm. We will work relentlessly to obtain the case result you desire.

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