Immigration Offenses

Lincoln Federal Immigration Offense Lawyers

Perhaps you have come to the United States for opportunity. You may have come to reunite with your family. Or you may have come to take advantage of the educational opportunities the country offers. Acting on your goals is generally a positive experience, but when a charge of criminal behavior threatens your ability to stay in the United States, the American dream can quickly become a nightmare. Fortunately, you do have hope with help from our Lincoln defense attorneys at Monzón, Guerra & Associates. We are an established, bicultural and bilingual firm offering assistance to those facing federal immigration offense charges.

Our immigration lawyers can provide defense for the following charges:

  • Reentering the United States after deportation
  • Smuggling illegal immigrants across the border
  • Trafficking on immigration documents
  • Identity theft, documents fraud
  • Any other immigration related criminal offense

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Criminal Defense and Federal Immigration Offense Issues

If you are a national of another country and are charged with a criminal offense, even a misdemeanor which could be punished for up to one year in jail, it is important to understand the possible consequences as they relate to your status in this country. Prior convictions can be used by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport, remove and in some instances include individuals from the United States. In addition a criminal conviction could result in denial of citizenship and many other immigration benefits. Following an arrest, a background check is conducted.

If the federal immigration office is able to uncover prior immigration violations such as illegal reentry after deportation, alien smuggling, identity theft, unlawful entry or remaining in the U.S., document trafficking or other criminal activities, the consequences become more severe. Securing the services of the attorneys at Monzón, Guerra & Associates, may be the most important step you take - we can make a significant difference in your case.

Attorney Carlos A. Monzón's work in criminal defense and immigration law has contributed in a significant change in Nebraska law - the courts must now advise individuals charged with criminal behavior of the consequences as they apply to deportation, removal and loss of immigration benefits such as denial of citizenship applications.

Aggressive, Passionate, & Dedicated Representation

Our firm has successfully handled interstate cases involving the transportation of illegal immigrants into the United States. In addition, we have represented clients charged with harboring an unlawful aliens, trafficking in documents, and falsifying and producing fraudulent documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, and certificates of naturalization and citizenship.

Find the legal aid you need for your federal criminal offense case and secure assistance that is aggressive, thorough and effective. Give us a call to begin working with Lincoln immigration defense attorneys who are driven to help you achieve the best possible result.

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