Property Division FAQ

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What Are Your Property Rights During Divorce?

At the Lincoln, Nebraska law firm of Monzón, Guerra & Chipman, Attorneys At Law, we understand the difficulties of the divorce process. You may have concerns about the division of marital property, but we are here to protect your property rights and fight for a fair divorce order on your behalf.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in navigating complex family law concerns. We know the law, and we will fight to ensure you get your rightful portion of marital property. In addition to helping you pursue a secure and stable post-divorce financial future, we also provide personal, one-on-one service as we take time to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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The Answers You Need Regarding Property Division

During divorce, all marital property is subject to division between the two parties. We can answer your questions regarding your property and what you are entitled to keep, including those below.

What is equitable distribution?

Equitable distribution means the court will divide marital property based on what is fair. Equitable does not necessarily mean equal division of property.

What if I receive an inheritance?

In most cases, an inheritance is not marital property, and you will likely be able to keep it. However, that can depend on how the funds were used during your marriage.

What if my spouse hid credit card debt?

If you did not know about the debt, you may not have to pay it. It is beneficial to work with a lawyer who will fight to ensure you do not emerge from divorce with an unfair debt burden.

How are retirement accounts handled?

Most types of retirement accounts accumulated over the course of the marriage are subject to equitable division between spouses. You are entitled to your fair portion.

What if I owned a house before marriage?

If you owned your home before your marriage, this is separate property, which means your spouse is not entitled to a share of the value.

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