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October 2017 Archives

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3 surprising factors that could increase chances of divorce

When you first got married, you may have felt that your relationship would easily stand the test of time. Certainly, you and your spouse may have had your differences, but you likely felt that you both could work through any issues those incompatibilities may have presented. As the years went on, however, you could have begun to feel less certain about your love's ability to conquer all.

What tools can help me co-parent?

If you are like most parents getting divorced in Nebraska, the well-being and happiness of your children is a primary priority for you during this significant change in their lives. As you seek for ways to help them emotionally navigate your divorce and live after the divorce is over, one thing you can help them with is by finding positive ways to work with their other parent to jointly raise them.

Divorce could be genetic

As parents across Nebraska know, children are similar to their parents in ways many are unable to predict. A new study believes that children who have divorced parents may end up similarly divorced not because they are repeating their parents' behavior but because of genetics.

Can I bring my fiancee or spouse to the U.S.?

If you are like many people currently living in Nebraska, you may often wonder about how spouses or engaged persons can bring their loved ones to the U.S. If you have either gotten engaged or married to someone who does not have citizenship or permanent residency but you are either a United States citizen or a permanent resident yourself, you may file for visas that allow your husband, wife, finance or fiancee to come to America.

More people to need interview for green card

Immigrants in Nebraska hoping to gain permanent residence should take note of a new policy going into effect from the Trump administration. As CNN reports, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will be requiring more green card applicants to sit for an interview before they are able to get approved for permanent residence.

Sanctuary counties in Nebraska

America has long been proud of its heritage as a country built essentially on immigration. However, if you are an immigrant in Nebraska, you might feel that the country has forgotten about this heritage and its pride in that. It can be very important for you to know that you can and should feel safe here.

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