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Protecting yourself against unfair insurance practices after a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Car Accidents |

While the car insurance industry presents itself as a safety net for drivers with companies in business to help cover losses, they are all ultimately profit-seeking businesses. As a result, policyholders filing claims sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the company’s profit-seeking actions. When you face unfair insurance practices after a car accident, you have options to fight back.

There are several ways that insurance companies behave unfairly following a car accident.

Misrepresentation of policy details

Insurance adjusters work on behalf of the insurance carrier, so their vested interest is in saving the company as much as possible. Sometimes, they do this by misrepresenting the coverage of the policy. Understanding the terms of your policy before calling can help you avoid this. For example, the adjuster cannot misrepresent the coverage limits or policy exclusions to deny your claim.

Unnecessary delays

After an accident at someone else’s hand with police reports and clear evidence of their liability, the settlement process should be expedient. Some insurance carriers drag the process out with claims that they are still investigating the details. The hope is that, over time, you tire of the process and stop pursuing your settlement. Stay engaged with the carrier and fight for the settlement you deserve.

As the injured party, getting compensation for your injuries should not be so challenging. Unfortunately, insurance carriers often prioritize profits over people, making it difficult to get the settlement that you need to cover medical costs, lost earnings and lifestyle changes after the accident. Recognize the unfair practices and push back to get the settlement you deserve.