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More people to need interview for green card

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2017 | Immigration |

Immigrants in Nebraska hoping to gain permanent residence should take note of a new policy going into effect from the Trump administration. As CNN reports, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will be requiring more green card applicants to sit for an interview before they are able to get approved for permanent residence.

While some applicants were always required to go through an interview as part of the vetting process, many categories of applicants had their interviews waived prior to receiving their green cards. Some of those applicants who typically had their interviews waived included those who are in the country on an employment visa, specifically when the employers that sponsored these individuals are the same who are petitioning for their permanent residence and for employees who have skills not easily found. For now those in the country on fiance visas and those who are parents of US citizens are still generally in categories of applicants who are likely to have their interviews waived. The new directive takes effect on October 1, and it is likely that this will cause applicants to have significantly longer wait times before they receive their green cards. Previously, for those with a waived interview, it took just under a year to receive a green card.

According to The Atlantic, green card holders are able to maintain legal residency indefinitely, and after a certain number of years of permanent residence these people can try to become a naturalized citizen. Joining the military offers an expedited path to citizenship for permanent residents.