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June 2019 Archives

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What makes divorce after 50 unique?

If you are one of the many people in Nebraska who is over the age of 50 and are in the process of a divorce or discussing a potential divorce with your spouse, you will want to pay special attention to some financial matters that will be different for you than for a couple in their 20s or 30s. Gray divorce, the term used to reference divorces among people over 50, is more common today than ever but it does pose unique concerns for people.

Dealing with one's 401k in a divorce

Among the more misunderstood (and potentially contentious) aspects of property division proceedings during a divorce is the dividing up of a 401k. Many 401k account holders in Lincoln may fail to grasp why such funds (which come as a result of their own individual efforts) would be subject to property division. It is important to remember that any income earned during a marriage is considered shared, and as 401k contributions are typically pulled from one's income, they are also deemed to be marital assets. 

Drug conviction for Nebraska man following girlfriend's slaying

It is not altogether clear whether the attempted robbery that took place at a residence in Lincoln, Nebraska, in July 2018 was related to drugs. Whatever the impetus, however, it resulted in the shooting death of a 36-year-old female occupant of the home. Last week, the woman's boyfriend pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after video surveillance footage allegedly showed him attempting to hide money and drugs in anticipation of law enforcement's arrival to the scene of the shooting.

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