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How can you get the child support you deserve?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Family Law |

In Nebraska, parents who are court ordered to pay child support must make these payments or risk going against the law. Unfortunately, that incentive isn’t always enough to spur a parent into paying. What can you do if you are getting shortchanged out of the child support you rightfully deserve?

FindLaw takes a look at different tactics used for the enforcement of child support, which can change depending on your unique situation or the laws of your particular state, city, or county. They state that while it’s possible to threaten a non-paying parent with jail time, this is generally used as a last resort due to the fact that a parent won’t be able to earn money in order to make child support payments if they are in custody.

Instead, there are other ways the court can force a parent to pay for support. This includes:

  • Seizing property
  • Withholding tax refunds
  • Suspending a business or occupational license
  • Revoking a driver’s license

Another typical method is called wage garnishment. With this, a portion of one’s paycheck is withheld by their employer in order to pay off debts such as child support. Additionally, it’s possible that the U.S. government will disallow anyone who owes over $2,500 in child support payments to get a passport.

Due to the intense restrictions that these can place on a person’s life, many have success in getting their payments if these strategies are implemented. In order to see what your own options are, you may want to contact an attorney who specializes in matters of divorce.