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Student visa requirements

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2018 | Immigration |

People who live in Nebraska and know someone from another country who wants to come and study in the United States will want to ensure the visitors know abou the right type of visa they will want to apply for. As explained by the United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, there are actually two different classifications of student visas.

One student visa is an M visa and may be available to those persons wanting to participate in vocational training programs in the U.S. The other type of student visa is the F visa. This may be used by young elementary or high school foreign exchange students or college and university students. Persons wanting to attend religious training schools such as seminaries or to pursue special music education at a conservatory may also apply for an F visa.

International Student, an organization that facilitates study abroad programs worldwide, indicates that when applying for an F-1 visa, students will want to prove that they are strongly connected to their native countries. This may be shown by indicating a number of relatives still in the country or even a potential job waiting for them once they have completed their studies.

Student visa applicants will also need to show that they can provide for themselves financially. Student visas are not available to persons seeking non-credit or recreational courses. Similarly, people with visitor visas can only take non-credit or recreational courses in the U.S. as the standard visitor visa does not permit them pursuing credit or degree programs.