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What are common paths to residency?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Immigration |

As someone from out of the country who aims to live in Nebraska, there are many options for you regarding how to get here. Monzón, Guerra & Chipman, Attorneys At Law, will be able to help you examine which paths are most feasible for you, and which options will benefit you the most greatly.

There are numerous different paths to residency, each suiting a different situation, lifestyle, and needs. For example, you can apply for family-based immigration if you have a sibling, parent, child, or spouse who is already a resident in the U.S. Business-based immigration, on the other hand, is a more suitable path if you just intend to be in the country for business-related affairs, such as working for an international company.

At any point in your stay, you can apply for an Adjustment of Status (AOS), which will allow you to become a lawful permanent resident regardless of what your status was beforehand. Commonly, this is known as obtaining your “green card”. There’s also the possibility of seeking asylum. This option is available to immigrants who arrive in the country after fleeing from a dangerous homeland. North Korean citizens are a commonly cited example for people seeking asylum in the U.S., though citizens from other countries of turbulence can also apply.

If you are interested in becoming a permanent resident, joining your family in the country, or seeking a visa or asylum, please visit our web page on immigration law. There are many paths to becoming a legal resident of the U.S., and just as many ways that we can help you get there.