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Issues that make drinking at Nebraska colleges so popular

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | DUI |

Whether you’ve just finished your freshman year at a Nebraska college or close to earning your degree, you may or may not have participated in the college nightlife scene. Most college students like to get together with friends on or off campus in their free time; after all, everyone needs a break from rigorous academics and study once in a while, right? Alcohol consumption is rampant at many colleges, however. 

If you make responsible choices, drinking alcohol in college shouldn’t be a problem. That doesn’t negate the fact that a lot of people who drink in college are legally underage and those of legal drinking age often get into trouble when things get out of hand. There are support networks in place to help you overcome a substance abuse problem if you have one, as well as to provide support if you face criminal charges. To avoid problems, it helps to understand why college kids drink in the first place. 

College life can be stressful 

If you’re attending school in Nebraska but your home state is elsewhere, it can be difficult to be away from family and the comforts of your hometown. If you experience homesickness from time to time, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. The rigors of academics and staying on task, managing your own schedule, and numerous other responsibilities can also cause your stress level to soar. Stress is a key factor many college students cite when asked why they binge drink.  

It’s an icebreaker 

Even if you consider yourself confident in most situations, you may feel a bit shy or nervous if you attend social gatherings in college. Do you loosen up a bit after a beer or glass of wine or two? If so, you’re among thousands of other college students throughout the nation who say one of the main reasons they drink alcohol is because it helps them feel less nervous at social events.  

Parties with alcohol can be fun 

There wouldn’t be a market for alcohol if there were no seemingly positive aspects of using such products. Those who choose to drink and are able to do so responsibly, say it adds an element of fun to their parties. Many college students go to dance clubs, corner pubs or even social rooms on campus where drinking is permitted for those of legal age. In such situations, the problem may not be the alcohol itself but the choices people make when imbibing.  

Peer pressure 

Then again, if you drink because your college-age peers pressure you to do so and you want to try to fit in with a particular crowd, you may relate to others who have had a negative experience with alcohol in college.  

Problems often arise 

The bottom line is that being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be a real problem. Also, let’s say you’re driving to the store for some snacks and a local police officer pulls you over. He or she says your tires went over the yellow line. A quick breath test later and your snack run might be put on hold while you sit in a county jail, waiting for permission to call your parents and tell them you’re facing DUI charges.  

What you can do 

If you are one of many Nebraska college students suffering from alcohol addiction, you can reach out for support on or off campus. Of course, you may not have a problem but did have a momentary lapse of judgment and regret your decision to drink and drive. An arrest doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end to your college career or that your entire future will be ruined. If you know where to access support, you may be able to get life back on track without long-lasting negative consequences.