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New orders regarding immigration concern many

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2018 | Immigration |

It should be of no surprise to people in Nebraska that the subject of immigration continues to be a topic of orders by the current federal government administration. The President made this topic a central part of his campaign two years ago. Certainly there is legitimate concern about people bringing drugs or other substances into the country but that does not mean every person who is trying to come to the United States is or should be treated like a criminal.

The desire and even the need for a better life is real for many people from poor countries, including from countries where persecution and discrimination are too common. Refugees and asylum seekers have long looked to the U.S. as a safe place that may offer them a better future. Today some people worry that these individuals will end up in prisons or jails or even being repatriated back to their home countries.

The reason for this concern is because the government has announced it will focus on finding new facilities near the border to hold immigrants found attempting to enter the country illegally even while they may be waiting for a hearing. They are also said to be investigating how they may use diplomatic relations to send more people back to their native lands. Additionally, the criminal charges and penalties associated with illegal entry attemps may be strengthened.

Anyone in Nebraska who knows people who are not legally allowed in the U.S. but who are in need of safe refuge may want to talk with an attorney to learn how to get help.

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