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What is a drug diversion program?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

As a resident of Nebraska who is currently facing drug-related charges, you may have heard of a “drug diversion program”. It’s an option available to a select number of people who have been charged with drug-related crimes. But exactly what is it?

According to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, in criminal justice terms, a diversion is something that is used as a alternative to imprisonment or criminal prosecution. The formal processing of offenders doesn’t necessarily happen in every single drug-related case. Drug courts themselves are a form of diversion, in fact. However, you will only be eligible to go to a drug court if your charges do not involve violence.

Drug diversion programs in specific are used to give people a chance to seek rehabilitation before they are sentenced to time in jail. Once registered, you will be able to work on your addiction problems alongside other sufferers and have the support of a trained and professional staff. Successful completion of a rehabilitation program will usually result in your charges being dropped or reduced, allowing you to improve the overall quality of your life in multiple ways while avoiding tarnishing your record. The behavioral changes that take place can also positively impact your future, cutting down on criminal behavior, substance abuse, and recidivism as shown in several studies.

Again, it should be noted that rehabilitation or diversion programs are usually only available to those with non-violent charges. If you feel you may qualify for this option, you may wish to speak to a legal professional to see if it’s available to you.