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Multiple people accused in alleged multistate drug ring

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2017 | Drug Crimes |

People in Nebraska who have read or heard media reports about criminal arrests involving drugs know that there are many details not always included in these reports. This reality can make things difficult for defendants as the few details that are provided may make it easy for readers or listeners to all but conclude guilt right away. However, remaining steadfast in the fact that the criminal justice system ensures everyone a fair opportunity to defend against criminal charges is important at these times.

A total of 12 companies and 62 individual people today are in such a situation after a multi-agency effort led to their indictment on multiple charges related to an alleged multi-state drug ring. While recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for a while now, the illegal operation is said to have centered in Denver. Investigators from the Nebraska State Police, the Kansas State Police and the Drug Enforcement Agency are all said to have been involved.

The group is accused of sending more than 100 pounds of pot per month to multiple other states including Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and others. The effort is said to have lasted for four years. Charges against the defendants include tax evasion and money laundering among others. It is unclear what penalties the specific charges may be associated with.

When facing serious drug-related offenses, defendants may be able to learn about their rights and their options for a good defense by talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Nebraska.

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