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Be careful what you post on Facebook during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Divorce |

With the advent of social media, many people enjoy having their lives on display – a seemingly open book on almost every detail of their everyday activities. From what you ate, where you were and whom you were with. These are all fair game on sites such as Facebook.

And they are all there for almost anyone to see. This is why it remains a good idea to be careful what you post on social media if you are going through a divorce. Any images or comments you post may come back to haunt you.

Avoiding boasts and threats

Some people recommend taking a social media sabbatical while going through a divorce. With that approach, they just do not post anything until their divorce is final. But since not everyone thinks like that, you should subscribe to a different tactic – a strong level of cautiousness.

When going through a divorce, please avoid this behavior on social media:

  • Boasting: Bragging about your money and the lavish trips you take with your paramour will make a judge become aware that you may be hiding assets.
  • Lying and criticizing your spouse: It is not prudent to vent about your spouse and declare untruths for all to see. The truth will prevail, and a judge will not tolerate your actions.
  • Making threats and stalking: These are major no-nos. Your Facebook friends and colleagues who become aware of your antics suddenly become potential witnesses in your divorce case. In a judge’s eyes, such actions make you an unstable and dangerous person and potentially unfit as a parent.
  • Sharing intimate details about your spouse: Your goal to humiliate your estranged spouse by sharing information and intimate images will backfire. You will be punished.

If you must post on social media, be careful and use good judgment.

Look to the future

Understandably, you likely are going through a difficult time during divorce. Please do not make things unnecessarily more difficult by misbehaving on social media. Do your best to move on toward a new chapter in your life.