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Where do most car accidents occur in Lincoln, Nebraska?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Lincoln has seen a lot of growth in the past few years. With a greater influx of people comes heavier traffic and busier intersections, which means greater probability of getting into a car accident. Here are the places in the city where drivers like you are most likely to suffer a car accident with a negligent or distracted driver.

Where the most accidents happen

Interstate 80 sees a disproportionate number of crashes due to the high volume of traffic, the higher speed limit, and the fact that many drivers on the interstate have come from far and may be more distracted or fatigued after driving for such a long time.

Country roads tend to have greater dangers than city roads, due to things such as higher speed limits, wind, and animals. Within the city limits of Lincoln, however, vehicle accidents tend to occur around busy intersections.

Statistics gathered by the city of Lincoln demonstrate that significantly higher numbers of crashes occur in intersections rather than on the stretch in between intersections. The statistics show that 59% of total crashes, and 70% of severe crashes, occur in an intersection, compared with 41% of total crashes and 30% of severe crashes that occur on street segments.

Most dangerous intersections

The five intersections within city limits that see the highest numbers of crashes each year are:

  • Cornhusker and Knox
  • L and Wedgewood
  • North 14th and Superior
  • South 17th and A
  • Antelope Creek and Van Dorn

Any intersection with high traffic volume and several lanes is bound to see an elevated number of accidents. Take care and avoid distractions when driving, especially when going through an intersection. If a distracted or negligent driver hits you, do not hesitate to explore all of your options for obtaining compensation for your damages.