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Are you eligible for drug court in Lancaster County?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

A Nebraska drug conviction may lead to serious, potentially life-altering consequences including time behind bars. Depending on circumstances, though, you may be able to avoid jail by instead enrolling in Lancaster County’s Adult Drug Court. 

Though not open to all drug offenders, the county’s drug court program gives you the opportunity to potentially have your drug violation dismissed and sealed if you complete the program and abide by all terms. 

How Lancaster County’s drug court works

If you gain acceptance into drug court in Lancaster County, expect to have to follow an individualized program plan. Such a plan includes substance abuse treatment, community support meetings, regular drug tests and other requirements. You must remain in the program for at least 18 months while completing all phases and sticking to a curfew while it is ongoing. You may also have to work toward obtaining a GED while in drug court or otherwise make efforts to further your education while participating. 

How Lancaster County’s drug court determines eligibility

You may be able to gain entry into drug court if you are facing a drug-related charge for an eligible offense and have a history of substance dependency. Certain variables may exclude you from participating in drug court, such as having a history of sexual assault or violent behavior. 

If you are on parole or have other criminal charges pending that would hinder your ability to complete all terms associated with drug court, these circumstances, too, would exclude you from consideration. Other charges that make you ineligible for drug court in Lancaster County include drunk driving charges and class one felony charges, among others.