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Three charged with murder, fourth defendant sought

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2018 | Felonies |

Situations in Nebraska in which a person ends up being shot and dying can often include a complex series of events and facts. Such appears to be the case in the death of a woman in Lincoln at the end of July that has now led to three men being arrested for and charged with her murder. Reports from 1011 Now indicate that a search is continuing for a fourth person believed to have been involved in the woman’s death.

The home where the woman was found after having been shot is said to have been the location of a failed break-in the night before she died. Law enforcement officers are reported to have found a significant sum of cash, pot edible products and marijuana at the home. The presence of these items and the approximately $85,000 in cash may have precipitated the attempted break-in. Four persons are said to have tried to enter the home.

The following night, reports indicate three of the four people who tried to get into the home the prior night returned. In addition to the woman who died being at the home, her partner and four other females were also at the location. Three of the other people at the house were minors.

The woman was shot and found at the bottom of a staircase and died. One man was arrested in Omaha and two others were followed to Texas where they were arrested. Together the three are in jail in Lancaster County on a $5 million bond. Officers are said to be looking for a fourth person involved in the matter.