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Major sweep results in 27 immigration arrests

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2018 | Immigration |

People in Nebraska who may be citizens of countries other than the United States have likely felt their concerns about potential action against them increase since the last presidential election. The current administration has made no bones about its position on people in the country without full documentation and many questions remain about the future for such persons.

While many must simply wait to see what types of rules or processes may be established, in the meantime they attempt to go about their daily lives and take care of their families and themselves. Such was the case when on one day in multiple locations around Omaha, 27 immigrants were detained and arrested by officers from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. All of the people arrested were males and originally were from Mexico.

It appears that people may have been taken from any number of places and at least one man was taken away from his jobsite while on duty. That man’s wife paid more than $7,000 to get him out of jail but no details are known as to what tomorrow may hold for him or his family or for the others that were arrested.

People in Nebraska who are concerned about their status or ability to stay in the country or about a loved one’s ability to remain with them in the U.S. might find it helpful to discuss their situatio and options with an experienced immigration attorney.

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