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Seeking asylum in the United States

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Immigration |

Immigrants settling in Nebraska due to fear of returning to their home country have different options available to them as far as immigration is concerned. One potential option is to seek asylum, but what exactly does that mean?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services states that there are several different valid reasons for a person to seek asylum in the United States. First, they must fear that they will be persecuted, or they must have been actively persecuted within their home country already. The reasons for persecution can include:

  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Political opinions or views
  • Membership in certain social groups or organizations

For example, if someone is fearful of retribution for speaking out against the primary political leader or political party in their country, they may be eligible to seek asylum. The same goes for people who are practicing a religion in their home country where bans or violent actions against that religion are occurring.

Meanwhile, FindLaw discusses the process of seeking asylum. There are many different parts that go into obtaining asylum. First, the immigrant has to be eligible in the first place. Eligibility is determined through an application. An interview with an immigration judge or asylum officer will then take place. They review each case individually, determining if an applicant should be approved or denied. If denied, the decision can be appealed. Immigrants should not leave the United States while their application is pending, as this makes it become discarded.

The wait for a verdict can be difficult. However, when the alternate options are much more dangerous, obtaining asylum in the United States may possibly be your best path.