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Co-parenting through the holidays with grace

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Family Law |

With November already here, you are likely realizing that it is time to think about planning your holiday season. The time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day can be a continual flow of activity and special events that, while fun, may also be exhausting in many ways. If you are a divorced parent, you understand how difficult it can be to work through this time with your children’s other parent. How can you help make this time of year manageable for you and positive for your kids?

Psychology Today suggests that with some careful pre-planning, you can help both yourself and your children enjoy the holiday season even after a divorce. One thing that is important in making this happen is communication between you and your former spouse. Discussions should start now about what activities each of you will manage or take the kids to. This can help to ensure that your children’s schedule does not become overwhelming just because each parent is trying to fit in special things.

When it comes to treasured traditions, you and your ex should also talk about what traditions you are able to continue for the kids and then you can plan new traditions with your children. This may give kids a nice blend of comfort by enjoying favorite things and excitement by giving them new things to look forward to and create. 

If you would like to learn more about co-parenting and how you and your former spouse can navigate the holiday season positively for your children, please feel free to visit the child custody and co-parenting page of our Nebraska family law website.