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Wire fraud is a serious federal offense

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Federal & White Collar Criminal Defense |

When someone accuses you of fraud of any kind, it can have serious legal ramifications. Wire fraud, in particular, is not something that the state of Nebraska or the federal government will take lightly, as numerous people are typically hurt by such schemes.

Taking swift and appropriate actions to fight accusations of wire fraud is necessary if you want to protect your current and future interests. Sitting by and not defending yourself will only hurt you in the long run.

What is wire fraud?

In short, wire fraud is fraud committed over some type of electronic communication such as phone, television, email or fax. With the various types of social media platforms now available, people are now using these to attempt to defraud people out of their money or personal information as well.

Proving wire fraud was committed

Prosecuting attorneys have the difficult task of proving that you committed a wire fraud scheme. To do this, they will have to show that:

  • You either started or played some role in a venture to defraud others
  • Your sole intent was to defraud
  • You planned to use electronic communications to carry out the act
  • The act was carried out
  • Intent really is key in this and other criminal cases

Examples of wire fraud

A wire fraud scheme is not accidental. It is something that requires meticulous planning. Examples of wire fraud include:

  • Sending computer viruses via email
  • Sending offers that sound too good to refuse
  • Threatening legal action in order to collect money

Wire fraud does come in a number of forms, but there are some actions that wire fraud is not. For example, sometimes business owners face accusations of committing wire fraud simply because clients who used their services do not believe that services rendered or the cost reflect statements made in an online ad. That is not wire fraud.

Fighting a wire fraud charge

As is true with any criminal case, there are always options when it comes to fighting the charges filed against you. For some, that may involve seeking case dismissals; other individuals may purse plea agreements, some people may enter guilty pleas, and others may seek alternative sentencing — among other defense strategies. Knowing which option will best serve one’s interests is not easy. Having a legal representative who has experienced handling federal cases on hand to review your case and provide guidance will prove invaluable.