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Man arrested in Omaha after police find 29 pounds of marijuana in his trunk

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Drug Crimes |

Last Wednesday, a man in Omaha was arrested after fleeing from law enforcement officials. Originally hailing from Landover, Maryland, the 37-year-old man first took off on foot when officers stopped him for a routine traffic stop. 

According to reports from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the evening began Wednesday evening when a police officer stopped the man as he was traveling on I-80. The man fled sometime during the stop and ran into a nearby neighborhood.

Police stated that after a search of his vehicle, they had uncovered 29 pounds of marijuana. The man was then apprehended and is now facing several criminal accusations. These include obstruction of a police officer, suspicion of intending to deliver marijuana, and not carrying a drug tax stamp.

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