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Two Major Arrests Have Shaken Lancaster and Seward Counties

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2016 | Federal & White Collar Criminal Defense |

Over the past week, two separate incidents have caused a stir throughout Pleasant Dale, Lincoln, and their neighboring communities. 

Last Wednesday, authorities in Pleasant Dale pulled over a sport utility vehicle along Interstate 80. A routine traffic stop became a major news story when a police dog alerted the state troopers to an odor coming from the trunk. After a search of the vehicle, the officers found more than 91 pounds of marijuana hidden inside two suitcases and five boxes. Both the driver and his passenger, who are from Fairbanks, Alaska, were arrested.

Early this week, a man and woman from Lincoln, Nebraska were arrested and charged with two felony counts of human trafficking. On December 17th, Hall County deputies and state troopers responded to a disturbance at a local hotel, where a woman told them she had been performing acts of prostitution for Marcuiece L. Johnson, 28. The woman said that Johnson recruited her, told her that he owned her, and took the money she made. She said that Katie M. Brandt, 21, provided her with supplies and advice.

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