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New studies support shared parenting time

Many couples in Nebraska deciding to divorce have a concern first and foremost for their children. Trying to support the kids while going through a difficult time personally, it is easy for many parents to believe that they would be best suited to have the children, but new studies show that children who have shared custody between both parents come out on top.

When you need a QDRO

If you are facing an impending divorce in Nebraska, you no doubt have many questions about how this major life event may impact you financially. For many people the emotional side of letting go of many special belongings is made worse when the reality of the financial losses starts to set in. However, it is important for you to learn about the ways in which you may be able to preserve some of your savings.

Argument between parents brings police to orthodontist's office

The end of a marriage does not necessarily signal the end of a couple's association in Lincoln, especially if they have children together. It also may not translate to a cessation in any hostilty they may hold towards each other surrounding the end of their marriage. This can make continuing to raise their kids together difficult, as the well-being of the children often conflicts with the negative emotions one may feel towards the other parent. The hope is that they will eventually be able to to get over their differences or, if disputes do happen, they remain private.

How is your child support obligation determined?

The end of your marriage may not necessarily signify the end of your relationship with your ex-spouse. If the two of you have children in Lincoln, you will need to continue to work together to see to the kid’s well-being. A large part of that is supporting them financially. Child support can be a touchy subject, as the parties involved in such an agreement may constantly be at odds over how much is actually being paid. If you are in the position of having to fulfill a child support obligation, you do not have to worry about your ex trying to collect too much from you. It is the state that determines how much you will pay.

How divorce can affect your immigration status

When it comes to divorce, one of the most concerning aspects can be how it will affect your immigration status. Once you have married a citizen of the United States, you may worry that a divorce will negate your immigration status and limit your options. We at Monzón, Guerra and Associates can work to help you understand your options in Nebraska and the effects that a divorce may have on your legal rights.

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