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Understanding non-immigrant visas

You may be surprised to learn that visas are not simply for immigrants. There are several kinds of non-immigrant visas and we at Monzon, Guerra and Associates are committed to helping you understand these different types of visas.

The difference between non-immigrant visas and those intended specifically for immigrants is the length of time they authorize someone to be in a country. FindLaw says that if you are issued a non-immigrant visa, you are typically going to another country for a distinct reason and will usually not be there for a long period of time. Most of the time, you may need a visa if you are traveling to another country for pleasure. In this situation, you usually receive a tourist visa, which is valid for up to one year. You may also have this kind of visa if you will be traveling to another country for business.

Can I keep my home when getting divorced?

While the holidays are a time of joy and celebration for many people, you may be one of the residents in Nebraska who is facing the tough decision about whether to end your marriage or stay in it. This choice is often faced at the holidays and when in the midst of decorating your home, the last thing you may want to think about is giving up your home if you get divorced. This feeling quite frequently leads spouses to work very hard to keep their homes.

The Mortgage Reports indicates that despite your emotional tie to your home, you should exercise great care in making this decision. If one spouse really wants to keep the house, that person should then refinance the mortgage so that it is in their name only. Even if you have a quit claim deed that transfers ownership of the home to one person only, a joint loan will remain the liability of both people.

Understanding manslaughter and murder in Nebraska

If you are facing charges related to someone’s death, you could be understandably worried about the potential consequences. Depending on the circumstances, there are varying degrees to the charges you might face for murder or manslaughter in Nebraska. At Monzón, Guerra & Associates, Attorneys At Law, we feel is it important for you and others to understand the differences.

Let us say that you were charged with manslaughter after a car accident that claimed the life of another driver. According to the Nebraska Legislature, the definition of manslaughter is the accidental death of someone else. If you were speeding or intoxicated before losing control of your vehicle and getting into a fatal crash, you might be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter involves reckless or criminal negligence resulting in an unintentional death, rather than circumstances out of your control, such as an icy road, that resulted in an accident.

Is removal a word you fear?

As you grow more accustomed to life in Nebraska and struggle to overcome your language barrier, you may learn the definitions of some English words that cause you to worry. For instance, like many immigrants (especially those whose paperwork is not in good order), words such as arrest, removal and deportation may frighten you. It's understandable since you've likely heard stories about families torn apart or perhaps know someone currently facing threats of deportation. As with most immigration processes, the subject of removal can be quite complex.

U.S. immigration law often changes, and although you understand a particular regulation or issue one day, you may not even be aware that it has been eliminated, changed or made more stringent the next. Lack of knowledge may land you in a detention center. Therefore, it's best to review your rights ahead of time and know where to turn for support if a problem arises.

Understanding copyright infringement

When people use video materials in Nebraska, they usually do not think about copyright laws. However, there are strict penalties for infringing on a copyright, and it is important to understand what exactly copyright infringement is.

When someone creates a specific kind of content, they usually hold the copyright to that material. says that someone has infringed on this copyright if they publicly display the material, hand out copies of it or reproduce it without first receiving the consent of the person who holds the copyright. The exception to this is if a person is dealing with content that has entered the public domain. In this situation, people typically do not need authorization to use the material. Peer-to-peer file sharing can also be a form of copyright infringement when someone does not have permission to use material.

Is dangerous substance possession a felony?

Nebraska residents like you who have been charged with drug possession may need some professional help to get you through the situation. This is where Monzón Guerra & Associates, Attorneys At Law, come in. We help you understand exactly what you're up against by providing necessary information.

Controlled dangerous substance possession is, in fact, classified as a felony in Nebraska. What does this mean for you? Not only could you face up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 maximum fine, but you could also face the repercussions of this charge being on your record. Felonies can limit your housing options, as many landlords will refuse to rent to people with felony charges in their history regardless of what the charge is for. The same goes for trying to get jobs. Employers may decide not to hire you because of your criminal marks.

Co-parenting through the holidays with grace

With November already here, you are likely realizing that it is time to think about planning your holiday season. The time from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can be a continual flow of activity and special events that, while fun, may also be exhausting in many ways. If you are a divorced parent, you understand how difficult it can be to work through this time with your children's other parent. How can you help make this time of year manageable for you and positive for your kids?

Psychology Today suggests that with some careful pre-planning, you can help both yourself and your children enjoy the holiday season even after a divorce. One thing that is important in making this happen is communication between you and your former spouse. Discussions should start now about what activities each of you will manage or take the kids to. This can help to ensure that your children's schedule does not become overwhelming just because each parent is trying to fit in special things.

3 surprising factors that could increase chances of divorce

When you first got married, you may have felt that your relationship would easily stand the test of time. Certainly, you and your spouse may have had your differences, but you likely felt that you both could work through any issues those incompatibilities may have presented. As the years went on, however, you could have begun to feel less certain about your love's ability to conquer all.

Though you may wonder whether your feelings of dissatisfaction with your marriage are warranted, it could help you to feel less alone knowing that certain personal and marital aspects could place you at a higher risk of divorce.

What tools can help me co-parent?

If you are like most parents getting divorced in Nebraska, the well-being and happiness of your children is a primary priority for you during this significant change in their lives. As you seek for ways to help them emotionally navigate your divorce and live after the divorce is over, one thing you can help them with is by finding positive ways to work with their other parent to jointly raise them.

Co-parenting with a person that you could not remain married to is not necessarily easy for anyone despite the best of intentions. Understanding this is important and should help you to be open to finding tools that can help. One of the challenges former spouses often face is communication. As The Online Mom explains, there are many new apps and websites that have been designed specifically with co-parenting and communication in mind. 

Divorce could be genetic

As parents across Nebraska know, children are similar to their parents in ways many are unable to predict. A new study believes that children who have divorced parents may end up similarly divorced not because they are repeating their parents' behavior but because of genetics.

As Science Daily reports, a study conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and at Sweden's Lund University found that genetics were a strong predictor of divorce tracing Sweden's national registry to find the marital patterns of adults who were adopted as children. Children who were not raised by their biological parents were still more likely to resemble the marriage pattern of their genetic parents and siblings than the parents who raised them. Researchers believe this could be due to relationship traits that have shown they can be passed on genetically, such as impulsiveness or being neurotic. These traits are also linked to higher rates of divorce.

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