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Rule change could make obtaining a green card more difficult

The federal government recently announced a change to immigration policy that could make it more difficult for those who have entered the United States legally to obtain permanent lawful status needed to remain in this country. According to varying estimates by the Department of Homeland Security and immigration advocacy groups, the new regulation, which goes into effect on Oct. 15th, could affect at least hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of people across the country, including Nebraska. Referred to as the "public charge rule," it will take immigrants' use or predicted use of government aid programs into account when determining eligibility for green cards. 

Immigrants make less than US citizens despite higher education

A common rhetoric heard among people who are anti-immigrant in Nebraska is that immigrants are taking their jobs. This statement was thrown around long before the current president took office, but has certainly become more prominent since the 2016 presidential elections.

International treaties complicate handling of asylum seekers

U.S. policies on immigration become more confusing for Nebraskans every day, particularly for those seeking asylum or who know someone who is. While the current president of the United States reportedly wants to require Central American asylum seekers at the southern border to wait in Mexico while U.S. courts deliberate their status, the established laws would make that extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

Recent raid results in claims of mistreatment

People in Nebraska who are from other nations and in the United States legally or even illegally should always expect they will be treated fairly. Basic human rights should be granted to these people at all times and it is these lack of rights in their home countries that led many of them come to the U.S. in the first place. America is a land that touts the extension of fair treatment to all. 

What are common paths to residency?

As someone from out of the country who aims to live in Nebraska, there are many options for you regarding how to get here. Monzón, Guerra & Associates, attorneys at law, will be able to help you examine which paths are most feasible for you, and which options will benefit you the most greatly.

What's the difference between family and business immigration?

When considering your immigration options in regard to Nebraska, there are two primary categories: business and family. MozÓn, Guerra & Associates, attorneys at law, will help you determine the difference between each so you can decide which is best for your situation.

Path to reunification remains unclear

People in Nebraska who have been watching the developments of the recent wave of immigration efforts by the current government administration have reason to be concerned. The United States positions itself as a leader in human rights across the globe yet it has led the way in taking more than 2,500 children from their parents. This is due to a policy referred to as zero tolerance for immigrants coming into the country illegally, specifically when crossing the border from Mexico.

Government action yields many questions, few answers

People in Nebraska and across the United States have been watching as the nation's approach to immigration has evolved since the recent presidential administration took over. Many of the actions and decisions handed down can feel abrupt and harsh, especially to those from other countries who have been in the U.S. for some time and who have become positive members of their communities and American society as a whole.

Major sweep results in 27 immigration arrests

People in Nebraska who may be citizens of countries other than the United States have likely felt their concerns about potential action against them increase since the last presidential election. The current administration has made no bones about its position on people in the country without full documentation and many questions remain about the future for such persons.

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