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Government action yields many questions, few answers

People in Nebraska and across the United States have been watching as the nation's approach to immigration has evolved since the recent presidential administration took over. Many of the actions and decisions handed down can feel abrupt and harsh, especially to those from other countries who have been in the U.S. for some time and who have become positive members of their communities and American society as a whole.

Major sweep results in 27 immigration arrests

People in Nebraska who may be citizens of countries other than the United States have likely felt their concerns about potential action against them increase since the last presidential election. The current administration has made no bones about its position on people in the country without full documentation and many questions remain about the future for such persons.

New orders regarding immigration concern many

It should be of no surprise to people in Nebraska that the subject of immigration continues to be a topic of orders by the current federal government administration. The President made this topic a central part of his campaign two years ago. Certainly there is legitimate concern about people bringing drugs or other substances into the country but that does not mean every person who is trying to come to the United States is or should be treated like a criminal.

Proposed changes to US immigration policy

When Nebraska residents consider immigrants, they may first think about people who come to the U.S. without a visa. People legally immigrate to the U.S. every year, though. A proposed immigration reform may affect how many legal immigrants are accepted into the country each year.

Understanding non-immigrant visas

You may be surprised to learn that visas are not simply for immigrants. There are several kinds of non-immigrant visas and we at Monzon, Guerra and Associates are committed to helping you understand these different types of visas.

Can I bring my fiancee or spouse to the U.S.?

If you are like many people currently living in Nebraska, you may often wonder about how spouses or engaged persons can bring their loved ones to the U.S. If you have either gotten engaged or married to someone who does not have citizenship or permanent residency but you are either a United States citizen or a permanent resident yourself, you may file for visas that allow your husband, wife, finance or fiancee to come to America.

More people to need interview for green card

Immigrants in Nebraska hoping to gain permanent residence should take note of a new policy going into effect from the Trump administration. As CNN reports, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will be requiring more green card applicants to sit for an interview before they are able to get approved for permanent residence.

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