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What factors are associated with Ponzi schemes?

If you are one of the many financially savvy people in Nebraska who is inclined to be involved in new investment ventures, you will want to understand some of the qualities often linked to illegal activities. The fact of the matter is that there may well be a fine line between a legal financial transaction or plan and an illegal one so understanding these details can be very important for you. 

What are signs that I am trapped in a Ponzi scheme?

For a house or a building to be solidly constructed, we expect that structure to have a firm foundation. If the home was built out of flimsy materials, it would likely collapse before long. Nebraska residents should think of Ponzi schemes in a similar manner. In a Ponzi scheme, companies or organizers take money from one set of investors and use it to pay off another set they had previously collected from, while enriching themselves in the process. If you wonder if you have been investing in a Ponzi scheme without your knowledge, there are ways to find out.

Understanding tax evasion charges

If you or someone you know in Nebraska has been charged with a federal crime involving allegations of tax evasion, it will be important for you to learn about the elements of these offenses and the potential defense options. As explained by the Internal Revenue Service, one such charge may be what is called evasion of assessment.

Defining the elements of fraud

Like most in Lincoln, you likely make it a point to avoid activities that could in any way be perceived as being criminal. So have many of the clients that we here at Monzon, Guerra & Associates have worked with, yet that did not stop them from being the targets of accusations. Your personal and business interactions will often involve arrangements or agreements, some of which may not end favorably for those involved. In such cases, it is often easy for those affected to direct allegations of fraud your way. How, then, are you to prove that your motivations and intentions towards your dealings are legitimate? 

What are the most common white collar crimes?

When you run across a news headline detailing a white collar crime, the details are often grim. The person accused of the crime may face a list of serious state and federal charges. This is because white collar crime can be extremely complex, and it is taken seriously by authorities. If you have been accused of a white collar crime in Nebraska, you may understandably be worried and concerned.

Understanding copyright infringement

When people use video materials in Nebraska, they usually do not think about copyright laws. However, there are strict penalties for infringing on a copyright, and it is important to understand what exactly copyright infringement is.

A start to preventing identity theft

Almost everyone in Nebraska is aware of the dangers of identity theft, a rampant white- collar crime. But not everyone is protecting him or herself as well as could be. The time and effort involved in successfully defeating the effects of a theft of personally identifying information is significant. As such, more concerted efforts and the development of some simple habits that prevent identity theft may be the more effective choice.

Wire fraud is a serious federal offense

When someone accuses you of fraud of any kind, it can have serious legal ramifications. Wire fraud, in particular, is not something that the state of Nebraska or the federal government will take lightly, as numerous people are typically hurt by such schemes.

Is Steven Avery Innocent? He's Not the Only One.

According to estimates made by the Innocence Project in 2014, there may be as many as 120,000 prisoners serving time for crimes that they did not commit. If the justice system is designed to protect the innocent until proven guilty, where are things going wrong? 

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