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Are your efforts to keep from paying taxes legal?

Spring is in the air, which means that the deadline for filing your taxes is right around the corner. Just about everyone in the country dreads April 15. That is, unless you will receive a refund. Then, you may look forward to filing your returns if you haven't already.

What happens if I stay past my visa expiration?

The immigration authorities you spoke with throughout the long process of obtaining your visa likely reminded you of the expiration date printed on the front of your document. They may have impressed upon you the serious penalties of staying in the U.S. beyond the deadline. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, you are still in the country despite the passing of the expiration date.

Divorced? Better check state laws before relocating your children

When you divorced, you were determined to make your children's best interests a central focus of the proceedings. You were proud of your children's valiant efforts to come to terms with the situation, and you wanted to ensure them of your support. You also wanted to try to cause as little upheaval as possible in their young lives. You were greatly relieved when they were excited about your idea to move to a new home in Nebraska, a bit of a distance from where you live now.

Was your college student arrested for DUI?

Whether your child is attending the University of Nebraska or any of the smaller private colleges in the area, you are undoubtedly proud of the fine young man or woman maturing before your very eyes. You may marvel at the conversations you can have with your child about his or her college experiences, and perhaps you get misty thinking about the little baby you once held in your arms.

Is removal a word you fear?

As you grow more accustomed to life in Nebraska and struggle to overcome your language barrier, you may learn the definitions of some English words that cause you to worry. For instance, like many immigrants (especially those whose paperwork is not in good order), words such as arrest, removal and deportation may frighten you. It's understandable since you've likely heard stories about families torn apart or perhaps know someone currently facing threats of deportation. As with most immigration processes, the subject of removal can be quite complex.

3 surprising factors that could increase chances of divorce

When you first got married, you may have felt that your relationship would easily stand the test of time. Certainly, you and your spouse may have had your differences, but you likely felt that you both could work through any issues those incompatibilities may have presented. As the years went on, however, you could have begun to feel less certain about your love's ability to conquer all.

You may be able to help catch a criminal and qualify for a U Visa

When you came to Nebraska to escape violence and poverty in your country of origin, you never expected to become a victim of a crime in the United States. Quite the opposite, you likely dreamed that this nation held all the opportunities you needed to make all your hopes and dreams come true of providing a safe and healthy atmosphere for your family to thrive.

Controlled substance classification impacts trafficking charges

Facing any type of felony charge could cause you to potentially face severe outcomes if a conviction takes place. Drug trafficking charges typically fall into the felony category, but various details regarding your situation could impact the severity of allegations and potential outcomes. One factor that could affect your case relates to the type of drug allegedly involved.

2 ways to potentially fight immigration removal

Leaving your native country may have been a considerable step in your life. As you made your home here in the United States, you may have never felt the desire to return to your country of origin simply due to the better life you created for yourself here. Of course, as an immigrant, you could easily face legal issues and fear the possibility of deportation.

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