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What is the length of the DUI look-back window in Nebraska?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | DUI |

There are many ways that drunk driving laws vary from state to state. This includes in what look-back window is in place.

What is the look-back window? This is the window of time that is looked at when determining how many past DUIs a person has for sentencing purposes.

States vary quite a bit in how long this period is. Here in Nebraska, the look-back period is 15 years.

How long prior DUI offenses are considered can be a significant issue for individuals accused of drunk driving. Here in Nebraska, how many prior DUI offenses a person has that are in the look-back window impacts what sorts of consequences he or she could face if convicted on a DUI charge. The possible penalties generally go up the more priors a person has.

For example, under Nebraska law, the maximum prison sentence for a DUI is:

  • 60 days for a first offense
  • 90 days for a second offense
  • One year for a third offense
  • Five years for a fourth offense
  • 20 years for a fifth offense

So, when a person is facing drunk driving charges in the state, whether or not any past DUI convictions he or she has fall into the 15-year look-back window is among the things that impact just how high the stakes are in his or her case.

Skilled Nebraska DUI lawyers can help individuals accused of drunk driving understand what the specifics of the state’s drunk driving laws (such as the state’s look-back window) mean for their case.