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August 2018 Archives

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How will a criminal conviction affect your job search?

To say that a felony conviction will change your life is putting it mildly. You may serve your time, pay your fine and fulfill your debt to society, but you will find that some circumstances will never let you forget that you have a conviction on your record, especially when it comes to finding meaningful employment.

Deceptive actions of unethical insurance companies

A motor vehicle accident changes everything. While you may be fortunate that your accident is a mere inconvenience while you drive to work in a rental and wait for repairs on your car, you may be among the many for whom a crash results in life-altering injuries. In either case, an important holdup in your ability to recover and move on with life is the ethical reaction of the insurer with whom you file a claim.

Divorcing when you share a business

It is not uncommon for couples in Nebraska to go into business together. Some people even meet through work and may then choose to start their own company as they pursue their personal relationship at the same time. Whether a business was created before or after a couple got married, when the marriage breaks down, it is decision time for the co-owners and soon-to-be former spouses.

What are common paths to residency?

As someone from out of the country who aims to live in Nebraska, there are many options for you regarding how to get here. Monzón, Guerra & Associates, attorneys at law, will be able to help you examine which paths are most feasible for you, and which options will benefit you the most greatly.

Don't ruin your back-to-college experience with a DUI

August will soon draw to a close. College students will soon return to their college campuses. Whether you are headed out of state or are returning to your Nebraska college or university, you will probably soon encounter alcohol. Many college students feel pressure to drink and drive, but this is a foolhardy and deadly mistake. In addition to putting yourself and your friends at risk, you may incur a charge of driving under the influence (DUI). Before you return to college for the fall semester, you should know a few important facts about drinking and driving in college.

What's the difference between family and business immigration?

When considering your immigration options in regard to Nebraska, there are two primary categories: business and family. MozÓn, Guerra & Associates, attorneys at law, will help you determine the difference between each so you can decide which is best for your situation.

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