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July 2018 Archives

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Pitfalls of social media use during divorce

When getting a divorce, many people in Nebraska might understandably look to strengthen connections with friends and family members. This might even include increasing communications on social media platforms. However, it is wise for divorcing spouses to take a cautious approach to what they post on these sites both during and after their divorce.

Issues that make drinking at Nebraska colleges so popular

Whether you've just finished your freshman year at a Nebraska college or close to earning your degree, you may or may not have participated in the college nightlife scene. Most college students like to get together with friends on or off campus in their free time; after all, everyone needs a break from rigorous academics and study once in a while, right? Alcohol consumption is rampant at many colleges, however. 

Path to reunification remains unclear

People in Nebraska who have been watching the developments of the recent wave of immigration efforts by the current government administration have reason to be concerned. The United States positions itself as a leader in human rights across the globe yet it has led the way in taking more than 2,500 children from their parents. This is due to a policy referred to as zero tolerance for immigrants coming into the country illegally, specifically when crossing the border from Mexico.

Man arrested after altercation on freeway

People in Nebraska know that when they are driving their cars they should always be aware of how other drivers might respond to situations or actions. It is also important that everyone drive safely and follow the basic traffic laws to help minimize accidents from happening. In some situations, one driver might become impatient with another and this may trigger an unfortunate series of events.

Avoid drunk driving in your Nebraska college town

The last thing you need while trying to make the grade in college is to call home and tell your family that a police officer arrested you and that you're facing drunk driving charges. Not only might your family be disappointed to hear such news, your college career could be at risk as well, especially if you attend a school where you signed an honor code agreement, promising not to consume alcohol on or off campus.

Business ownership and divorce

For many people in Nebraska who own and operate a business with their spouse, the ability to work together for the common family good with a trusted partner can be extremely rewarding. However, when the personal relationship between the owners goes south, the health and future of the business may be in jeopardy if the owners do not proactively make a plan on what to do with the business if they get divorced.

Why did immigration summon me for a fraud interview?

As you approach the two-year anniversary of your conditional green card status related to your marriage to a lawful permanent resident or citizen, you may have already submitted your petition for the removal of your conditional status. Those conditions were in place to assure the government you had not married just to obtain immigration privileges in the U.S.

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