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March 2018 Archives

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How should I approach summer plans with my ex?

Even though it is still only springtime in Nebraska, it is not too soon for parents to be making plans for summer vacation. That last day of school is right around the corner and the more you can be prepared for the less structured time compared to when your kids are in school, the better. This is perhaps especially true when you and your former spouse have to figure out who has the kids when and what activities you will each share with them.

Are your efforts to keep from paying taxes legal?

Spring is in the air, which means that the deadline for filing your taxes is right around the corner. Just about everyone in the country dreads April 15. That is, unless you will receive a refund. Then, you may look forward to filing your returns if you haven't already.

What are signs that I am trapped in a Ponzi scheme?

For a house or a building to be solidly constructed, we expect that structure to have a firm foundation. If the home was built out of flimsy materials, it would likely collapse before long. Nebraska residents should think of Ponzi schemes in a similar manner. In a Ponzi scheme, companies or organizers take money from one set of investors and use it to pay off another set they had previously collected from, while enriching themselves in the process. If you wonder if you have been investing in a Ponzi scheme without your knowledge, there are ways to find out.

Adult felony charges to be faced by juvenile

Nebraska residents who hear about minors being arrested for crimes regardless of the nature of those offenses often assume that a person under the age of 18 will be charged as a juvenile, especially if they are two, three or more years younger than 18. However, that is not always the case as can be seen in some recent situations in the state.

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