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Nebraska's drug laws

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Although Nebraska residents know that drugs crimes are serious offenses, they may not know the state laws about illegal substances. It is important to understand the state laws so people can take the proper precautions.

According to the Nebraska Legislature, possessing drugs with the intent to distribute or make them and the act of making and selling drugs is illegal. People usually commit a Class 4 felony when they have an illegal substance, although the severity of the felony also depends on how much of these substances a person possesses. Someone who has at least 140 grams of cocaine or heroin typically commits a Class 1B felony, while possessing less than 28 grams of these substances is considered a Class 1D felony. If a person has a firearm in addition to these illegal substances, he or she may be charged with a higher classification of felony.

It is also illegal for adults to use minors to deliver or make drugs and to sell drugs to a minor. This part of the law usually includes locations where someone is not allowed to give drugs to minors. These places include colleges, schools, public swimming pools and playgrounds.

Nebraska drug laws also address marijuana. says that marijuana is considered a controlled substance instead of an illegal one. This means that if people have less than one ounce of this substance, they usually need to pay a fine of up to $300 and are not imprisoned if this is their first offense. Possessing larger amounts of marijuana typically results in a higher fine, and someone may be imprisoned for at least five days. Marijuana possession is considered either an infraction or a misdemeanor when a person has less than one pound. Possessing more than one pound is usually considered a felony.

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