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June 2017 Archives

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Wire fraud is a serious federal offense

When someone accuses you of fraud of any kind, it can have serious legal ramifications. Wire fraud, in particular, is not something that the state of Nebraska or the federal government will take lightly, as numerous people are typically hurt by such schemes.

How divorce can affect your immigration status

When it comes to divorce, one of the most concerning aspects can be how it will affect your immigration status. Once you have married a citizen of the United States, you may worry that a divorce will negate your immigration status and limit your options. We at Monzón, Guerra and Associates can work to help you understand your options in Nebraska and the effects that a divorce may have on your legal rights.

Lifetime of federal supervised release struck down as punitive

Once inmates have been released, would it be unlawfully punitive to require them to comply with conditional release provisions for the rest of their lives? Yes, at least in the federal system, a three-judge panel ruled this week.

Supreme Court rejects passage of citizenship based on parent's sex

To a child born abroad seeking U.S. citizenship, it has traditionally mattered a great deal whether your mother or your father was a citizen of the United States. If your parents weren't married and your mother was a citizen, you could obtain citizenship as long as your mother had, at any time in her life, resided in the U.S. for a year.

Haitian immigrants latest to feel uncertainty

The issue of immigration and deportation has dominated the headlines since President Donald Trump began his campaign nearly two years ago. Latin Americans have received the most attention, but immigrants from another Caribbean country could soon feel the heat too. Is there a reason to worry?

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