Adjustment of Immigration Status (AOS)

When someone is already in the United States, it may be possible for them to apply for a green card (known as lawful legal resident status) without having to leave the country first. This can be helpful, as many people are unable to return to their home countries to complete the process.

At Monzón, Guerra & Associates in Lincoln, Nebraska, we work closely with clients who are attempting to obtain their green cards and make an adjustment to their immigration status (AOS). There are numerous steps in the process that must be followed. Our lawyers are highly skilled in immigration law matters and can explain each step, what needs to be done and what comes next.

The First Step

When determining whether or not an individual will qualify for AOS, our firm examines their situation to determine which immigrant category the person fits under. The qualifications and requirements that render someone eligible for AOS may vary according to the type of immigrant category they are applying under.

Our firm has the resources to help you understand the category system. We look at your situation and what your current status is, compare it to the extensive list of categories and ensure you are applying under the correct category.

The Following Process

After determining the proper category, we will help you gather all the documentation you need and submit it, while routinely following up on your case and handling any issues that may come up. There is some time that will elapse between application and decision, but you can always check with our firm to see what the status is. We stay current on all of our cases so we can answer questions as they arise.

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