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Crimes involving guns are handled differently from other crimes and often carry stiffer penalties. Because of what is at stake in a firearms offense case, it is critical to have aggressive representation - the kind that produces results. At Monzón, Guerra & Associates, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, our aim is to use our extensive trial experience to get you the results you deserve. While we can never promise a particular result, we can set realistic expectations and will strive to exceed them.

We defend weapons charges including:

  • Use of a weapon to commit a felony
  • Felon or alien in possession of a weapon
  • Possession of a short firearm
  • Possession of a destructive device

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What is at stake?

Given continued media attention on serious crimes involving firearms in our nation, it is no wonder that the laws about possession and use of firearms are stringent. Using the experience of our attorneys can help minimize the impact of a criminal charge involving firearms. In a community known for its large number of hunters and sportsmen, firearms are numerous, and charges are all too familiar. Work with our Lincoln criminal defense attorneys when accused of a violation of state or federal firearm laws.

Under the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), people who are habitual felons, or those who repeatedly commit violent crimes, may face a mandatory statutory sentence of 15 years in prison for felony possession of a firearm. Carlos A. Monzón has the experience to handle complex and dangerous firearm cases.

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Our criminal defense law firm in Lincoln begins the process of defending clients by gathering evidence. We investigate the case and gather as much information as possible. Our attorneys spend lots of time in the discovery process - thoroughness is our hallmark. Secure legal assistance that is aggressive, passionate and dedicated and works with attorneys who have been dedicated to advocating since 1994.

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