Asset Forfeiture

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Was your car or money taken by the police in a drug traffic stop? If you are innocent of any illegal drug activity, you may be able to recover your lost assets. Even if you have been convicted of a drug trafficking, it may be possible to challenge the asset forfeiture on other grounds. At Monzón, Guerra & Associates, we are familiar with the many legal strategies in place that protect your property.

We can investigate your case to determine if the police illegally seized your property, and help you take legal action to recover your assets. Our office is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, but we represent clients throughout the state as well as out-of-state drivers targeted in interstate drug traffic stops.

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Asset Forfeiture Explained

The government can take the property of an individual suspected of a drug crime - even before they face trial. Any assets thought to be paid for by money from a drug crime (a car, home, boat, or other property) can be taken by the government. The asset forfeiture, based on the value of the property, is punitive in nature. Double jeopardy may apply, so an individual found guilty of the applicable crime may be able to avoid additional seizing of assets.

At Monzón, Guerra & Associates, our Lincoln criminal defense lawyers are experienced helping clients get their property back after the government has seized it during a drug search. This is a quasi-criminal action, requiring an individual to file a claim as the owner of the seized property.

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For you to recover your vehicle, money, or any other property taken by the government, you have to file a claim against the district attorney. At this point, the case gets transferred to the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the district attorney's office, and the process can become complex. Get the legal aid you need in an asset forfeiture case? Our firm's lawyers can help you protect your assets and exercise your legal rights.

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