Case Results

US v. Barajas-Perez - Not Guilty Verdict

US v. Barajas-Perez - Conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Jury verdict of not guilty, as to this count only.

US v. Medina-Garcia - Case Dismissed

US v. Medina-Garcia - Conspiracy to distribute cocaine and criminal forfeitures. Case Dismissed.

US v. Nguyen - Case Dismissed

US v. Nguyen - Conspiracy to distribute controlled substance. Case Dismissed.

US v. Perez-Lizarrago - Split - Dismissed and Not Guilty

US v. Perez-Lizarrago - Conspiracy to distribute controlled substance, controlled substance-sell, distribute, or dispense, and criminal forfeitures. Resulted in conspiracy to distribute controlled substance charges being dismissed and a not guilty verdict for controlled substance-sell, distribute, or dispense and criminal forfeitures.

US v. Ramirez - Case Dismissed

US v. Ramirez - Conspiracy to distribute controlled substance. Case dismissed.

US v. Richardson - Not Guilty Verdict

US v. Richardson - Conspiracy to distribute controlled substance (cocaine base) 50 grams or more and conspiracy to distribute 28 grams or more of cocaine base. Not Guilty Verdict.

US v. Rivas - Not Guilty Verdict

US v. Rivas - Not guilty verdict as to charges of controlled substance - sell, distribute or dispense. Criminal forfeitures, discharged.